Buffet (enterprise)

Buffet  is a catering company located in residential or public buildings that implements a limited range of products from semi — finished products , cold dishes, snacks, hot, sweet dishes of simple manufacture, pastry, bakery and confectionery, as well as purchased goods with the ability to eat directly at the place of purchase.

In Russia, the activities of buffets and the minimum requirements for them are governed  “Catering services. Catering. Classification and general requirements ”, similar regulation was used in the Soviet Union. There is no direct analogue to this class of catering establishments outside the post-Soviet space ; in many foreign languages, a similar word (for example, English  buffet ) means not a catering establishment such as a cafe , bistro , but a way of catering, in which clients choose food and drinks from the range .

The buffet consists of a hall, production and utility rooms. A workplace for the barman should be organized in the hall, and restaurant tables and chairs with hygienic coating for food should be installed. The equipment of the storey buffet and the organization of the work of the barman are similar to the equipment and the organization of the labor of the external buffets. The floor buffets with the help of service elevators, lifts, should have a convenient connection with the composition and production of the restaurant, ensures their uninterrupted work.

Buffet Varieties 

buffets are distinguished:

  • by location: in residential, industrial and public buildings, at work, study, in entertainment and sports facilities (theaters, cinemas, stadiums, etc.), in hotels, train stations, marinas, airports, canteens, etc. d.
  • according to the composition and purpose of the premises: stationary and mobile (avtobuffe, coupe-buffets, buffets on sea and river vessels, etc.)
  • on the time of operation: permanent and seasonal.

Buffet Requirements

According to regulatory documents, the buffet must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • have a sign;
  • be equipped with a toilet with sink;
  • have a ventilation system;
  • be equipped with tables for eating standing and / or sitting;
  • have a pantry rack;
  • it is allowed to use dishes from earthenware , polymeric materials (including disposable);
  • provide customers with paper napkins ;
  • to be equipped with a menu and price tags of dishes.

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