Chapel  — the most ancient object , which is attributed to the supernatural ability to turn away from its owner of illness , misery , bring happiness and galleries, a magic object that is designed to protect its owner. It is also believed that he can bring good luck, warn of danger, and improve his health. Because of this, amulets have been heavily popular since ancient times.

People linked the belief in goodness, success, happiness and consciousitems with certain symbols in amulets. The lure has always been to protect people and their world from the unpleasant things : uncleanness, misery, poverty, diseases, deaths , livestock, food spoilage, etc. The taboo is designed to create a protective field between its owner and danger, magically protect it, make it invisible and invulnerable to it. Or to scare the danger, or to endow it with the fact that it protects protective properties that can resist evil.

Today, decorating their homes with amulets is not only a tradition, but also a certain trend.


Amulets are worn on the body (often as jewelry) or on clothing, placed in vehicles or in a dwelling, or hanged around livestock. They can be made from a variety of materials due to which the carrier must be passively protected.

Already in a primitive society, people hung themselves with the remnants of the prey they had killed (teeth and claws). They had to give their carrier the power of the animal.

Amulets are used in alternative medicine , as a protection for pregnant women, against the evil eye and as a love spell. The amulet has an animist notion that a person is affected by magical powers, which he can counteract with an amulet.

Amulets are known in all religions . Since the Stone Age, shells or pearls and special stones, such as amber and rock crystal, have been used .

For Arabs, amulets are small leather bags with stitched paper, on which is written the surah of the Quran or the magic sign. In the popular beliefs, non-ferrous metals, especially copper and brass, have a positive effect like an amulet .

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