drahtloses Mailbox-Alarmsystem

Wireless alarm for self-installation has long ceased to be a novelty. In recent years, such wireless security systems migrated from the category of professional equipment, into the category of household appliances. It was the wireless GSM alarm system that made it possible to protect the house not only for large businesses and oligarchs, but also for ordinary citizens. Wireless security systems are becoming more popular due to: simple installation without wires, lack of monthly subscription fees, low cost. It is noteworthy that if earlier wireless signaling was a curiosity, today it is starting to catch up with wired security systems in popularity. At the same time, the price for wireless security systems on smaller sites is already lower than for wired ones! The assortment becomes wider and wider. In order to make it easier for you to make your choice, we decided to give some tips on choosing a wireless security system:

— Package Contents. wireless mailbox alert system for self-installation are sold as a set of equipment: central unit, dialer, sensors, key rings, etc. As a rule, all equipment is already set up and the buyer only has to enter numbers for dialing. When buying, look at what the kit is equipped with. In many ways, the price depends on the equipment.

— Wireless protocol. A wireless protocol is an algorithm by which information from signaling sensors to the central unit is transmitted. The cost of wireless signaling largely depends on the reliability of the wireless protocol. The more expensive the wireless burglar alarm is, the more reliable the protocol, the harder it is to intercept the signal from the sensors, the further the sensors can transmit the signal. For example, the cost of a wireless kit with a simple transmission protocol is $ 200-300.For this money you will get the security of the base level, the transmission distance without wires is about 100 m in the open space. But the cost of a kit for self-installation of an advanced system fluctuates around $ 500-700. Sensors in such sets transmit the information in an encrypted form, the transmission range of the radio signal can reach 300 m.

— Build quality. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to the appearance of the device. Wireless security alarm system must be assembled neatly, qualitatively. At first glance, the requirement may seem very strange. The fact is that in recent years there has been (observed, practiced) the sale of alarms for the «garage» assembly. They look like metal boxes, stuffed with a pile of wires. As a rule, their producers «trump» a low price. Do not advise you to buy this sort of handicraft wireless gsm alarm. Such cellular signaling will have extremely low reliability.

— Additional functions. When choosing wireless alarms, pay attention to the additional functions that wireless gsm alarms can boast of. Of the most popular today, you can answer the elements of the «smart home», the ability to configure the security system through the Internet, the ability to connect the security system to the central monitoring console.

— Range of sensors. Wireless alarms have one feature — wireless sensors can only work with the centers of the same manufacturer. Accordingly, when choosing, be sure to see how wide the assortment of additional sensors is in the kit of the firm that you want to purchase. For example, a wireless street traffic or flood sensor is a rarity. And if you need these sensors, it’s easier to choose a kit for the sensor.

Most often wireless GSM alarms, people install themselves. Sale of alarms is our specialization. Therefore, if you are not completely sure of something, you can always contact our technical support service or the sales department by phone (044) 538-15-75. Your call is very important for us and we are always ready to help you.

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